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TOTAL Lubricants applies the latest technology and continuous R & D to formulate its oils. The result is a comprehensive range of lubricants that optimize the performance and prolong the longevity of your specific vehicle or equipment, from cars and motorcycles to boats and garden equipment.

The wide range of TOTAL products means that you can find the maintenance lubricants or specialised products to meet your every need. By choosing TOTAL, you can be fully confident that our team will work with you to enhance your productivity and reduce your maintenance costs.

TOTAL lubricants oils, greases and special products are designed for all stages of your manufacturing process, in each industrial sector: food, aviation, car manufacturing, cement, chemical, energy, materials, metalworking, paper steel, textile and wood.

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Elf Products

For over 45 years, ELF has been a leading motor oil and lubricant brand with a passion for performance. In 2000, it joined TOTAL as one of the Group's brands.


Experience acquired on circuits constitutes a precious asset to develop a range of Motorbike lubricants for the public at large. A range which offers very high performances and optimizes the engine life span.

The numerous titles of world champion won by Elf in all mechanic fields made it a specialist for high technology lubricants. The know-how of the brand is recognised by most famous pilots and car teams. It is expressed not only in ranges of lubricants and fuels especially developed for high level sport, but also the ranges proposed to all motorbike fanatics.

This constant preoccupation to transmit this unique know-how to the public at large resulted at the beginning of 2000 in a complete renewal of the Motorcycle oils range. By launching a new ultra specialised range of motor oils for motorbikes, Elf proposed to integrate the latest technological developments originating from competition in products adapted to each engine (2 and 4 strokes motorbikes) and to all types of utilization.

At the first quarter of 2001, Elf created again an event by launching a complete range of Motorbike specialties allowing one to draw the best of the engine, while optimizing its life span. Fully indispensable to engine oils fully reformulated in 2000, this range consists of three main families :

MECHANICAL : products designed for the mechanical parts of the motorcycle such as the gear box or the forks.

BIKE CARE : Elf Moto Shampoo and Elf Moto Polish ensure a perfect cleaning and an optimum protection of the motorbike.

ADDITIVES : additives developed to draw the maximum of the engine while ensuring a reinforced protection.

Thanks to these new ranges of Elf Motorbike products, all the Motorbike fanatics can fully take advantage of their motorcycle and use it confidently, conscious to benefit of the latest technological developments put at the disposal of the most demanding pilots.

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